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Genre – Drama
director – Gaspar Noé
Country – Belgium
writers – Gaspar Noé
Cast – Karl Glusman

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I stumbled upon this movie on Pornhub. and after the first minute realized what a gem I found! After “Irreversible” I vowed to myself to never watch another Gaspar Noé movie. graphic violence towards women is not something I enjoy looking at. All the more reason to be surprised at how moving, tender and beautiful this film turned out to be. Why such outrage in the reviews is beyond my understanding. is the sight of two (or three: people making love is that offensive? Are these people plan on never having sex? Obviously they never seen any porn, if they calling this movie porn! Love” is a meditation on physical intimacy, with beautiful cinematography, mesmerizing soundtrack and hypnotic performance by Aomi Muyock, that is certainly worth watching and does not deserve the low rating it has on IMDB. I personally was really touched by the use of Erik Satie’s “Gnossiennes” throughout the film, as it’s one of my favorite pieces of music, and I always felt there’s a flair of understated sensuality about them.
Please forgive my grammar errors, English is not my native language.

A love story for restricted Under is kinda life related problem people got with someone whomsoever he doesn’t reover they take still cannot forget real there is starting confliction between reality and inner of conflict which is not easy to tremendous forget their past let alone live happily in present. this movie told what is goes in mind when someone fall in this kind of situation. There is some adult scene which can allure level sedution. everything is good about this film.


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