Tech For Seva : “A Learning Experience”


Manasi Deshpande is Electronics Engineeer by profession and a TFS Volunteer working passionately for the cause. She was also a “Master of Ceremony” in TFS in “Health” section.

We may not provide funds but we have technical Expertise. Can you give us platform to use it for social development? : Researchers and scientists

We have funds but we want to invest it where some concrete work is going on… Corporate CSR people

We are working on grass root levels but we have limitations as we don’t have either funds or any expertise: NGOs

As Seva sahayog team we had been getting such feedbacks from various NGOs, CSR teams and Scientists. And then there came an idea of bridging the gap between all of them… Tech for Seva.

I was one of the volunteers behind the scenes, as I always had been. Yeah, it’s a little difficult for a person like me to address a big crowd. But what Seva sahyog has always taught me is to be ready to explore and unwind one’s own limits. Couple of days before the conference I was told that I am going to be master of ceremony, the anchor of 1 of the parallel sessions in the conference. To be true, I was scared a lot. It had always been a phobia to be master of ceremony. More than personal image that people would carry about me, I was worried about success of the session.

But my seniors and co-anchors were the greatest support. We prepared and rehearsed everything together. The guidelines from our Guru… the senior from SS added the value to our undiscovered skills.

2 days were full of rehearsals with sound systems, the podium where we were to stand and host the sessions, teasing each other, coordinating with hall managers to arrange everything at the hall, getting information about the spokes persons and chief guests of the sessions. And finally 2 day of conference, were the days when I discovered myself a little more. It was not as difficult as I thought.

Moreover, what has always enriched me and I will Always cherish is meeting knowledgeable people, interacting with people working on grass root levels in spite of so many hurdles . Incessant journey through thick and thin has made them heroes… though not as famous as those on screens. Interacting these real life heroes one on one during CEO dinner and knowing about problems and solutions together, being facilitator to bridge the gap between them, managing last min surprises and still keep yourself presentable with cheerful smile, singing with joy when everything worked out, those cheerful dances to express the joy of success…  every second during the conference has made me a better person.

We will keep working , solutions will keep coming, journeys together will get us to better society, better country someday… but conference for me was a chance to learn to be presentable, to address so many people, a chance to meet respectable people, chance to unwind myself… a real learning experience.

So, what do you think ?