NGO Visit Report for TechForSeva

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• Area of work:
– Livelihood
– Education
– Healthcare

• How did you come to know about TFS?
– Through Seva Sahayog

• What is your feedback about the event?
– The event went well, the organization was good and many NGOs showed up.

• Did you present about your NGO in the event? Would you like to present in the next event?
– Yes

• What is your take-away from the event?
– Meeting and discussions with other NGOs from across India.

• Did TFS help in the area of your work?
– Partially, helped raise awareness about the work done by Swaroop Vardini.

• Would you like to connect with other NGOs, experts from scientific community and CSR organizations?
– Yes, we would like expert help for setting-up a media centre and volunteers for our KVP program.

• Have you established contact/started collaborating with any other TFS attendees?
– No, had initial discussions during the event but there was no follow-up from either side.

• Would you like to stay associated with TFS?
– Yes, by contributing skills in education domain.

• Problems you are facing in your current work, which you would like TFS to help?
– Technology (equipment, software for media center).

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