Jalvardhini Prathisthan


Parth Tawade is an Engineer by profession who has selected working for TFS for some time over getting a job in a well known IT company.

My first NGO visit was to Jalvardhini Prathisthan. I visited their office at Dadar in Janki Nivas. I had arrived a few minutes before our appointment so I was looking around the office. It was well organized with different pamplets of the works of the NGO. I picked one up and was reading when Ulhasji Paranjape arrived. He is the trustee of the organization. He is a person with a strong personality, advanced in years. When he started talking to me, I realized he was certainly rich with experience. After some years in social work he decided to take up water as a subject of social service.

He said,” It doesn’t matter where you are working and which NGO you are running water is always an issue.” I found this to be very true. He mentioned that many times it so happens that in rural areas there is drought during summer season and floods during the monsoon season. They have developed many solutions to the problem of water storage. They include increasing the ground water tables to building natural/artificial tanks. A simple solution like blocking the natural gutters/streams with stones or gunny bags can increase the percolation of water, restoring the water tables. He has also done work in building natural tanks and Ferro cement tanks. They have researched on the 4 different types of fibers which were Banana, Jute, Coconut and Ambadi(Flax) to see if those fibers can be sourced locally and be used to build the water storage tank(below ground). They have built these tanks at their Resource Centres at Karjat, Kashele, and Vangani.

He had attended TFS with a view of meeting people. He wished to showcase his research and NGO works on stalls. He said that all the NGOs that register should be given a stall. TFS should contact via email to all correspondents that can’t be reached personally. After a few years TFS should become a one point contact for NGOs, CSRs, and Scientific and Technological Institutes who wish to help the society. That should be our ultimate aim for TechForSeva.

The visit brought forward new view points towards our organization and what our ultimate aim should be.

So, what do you think ?